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Payment methods

Online Payment

Betahome customers can pay online while they are ordering their products. Successful online payment will be recorded as a definite order. Within a short time you will receive an email including your shopping invoice with all the details. This is an automated email just for your information, there is no need to answer it. At this point your items will prepare for shipping.

It is worth mentioning that online payment will make your order a priority and will speed up processing.

While submitting your order you can select the “online payment” option, it will open the banks online payment gateway.

Warning, please double-check the online payment gateway link before entering any information.

For online payment you need a credit card with this information:

  • Card number: 16 digits number written on the card

  • Second password: you have to activate your OTP password in card issuing bank or ATM

  • CCV2: 3 digit code written in front or backside of credit card

  • Expiration date: written on the credit card, if your card doesn’t have it use 12 for month and 99 for year

Card to Card Transfer

You can pay by card to card transfer after placing your order, this is only possible in limited situations. If this option is available for the products you are purchasing it will be displayed as an option on the checkout page.