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Why choose porcelain tiles for your pool?

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Why choose porcelain tiles for your pool?

Because it is the most resistant, sustainable and hygienic material. And the best part: it offers a wide variety of design options for you to personalize your pool.

It has high durability

Due to its low water absorption properties porcelain tiles don’t lose their properties when submerged in water. It withstands the weather including changes in humidity, frost and drastic temperature changes, without altering its shape.

It is easy to keep clean

Due to the high quality glaze on the porcelain mosaic tiles it hardly stains and requires minimum maintenance effort.

It is sustainable

With such a long lifetime, it minimizes the risks of harming the environment.

Personal style

With more than 30 colors and textures, the Artema porcelain stoneware floors open the doors of your imagination: choose minimalist or industrial; think Provencal or cosmopolitan, traditional, Mediterranean or urban… There are no limits; you decide, you choose.

Coordinated aesthetic

Unifying the style of all your outdoor spaces is a great idea. The good news is that with our porcelain stoneware you can obtain a complete esthetic integration. Not only the pool, but also of the whole area that surrounds it. If you do it, your space will become unique and unforgettable.

It lasts a lifetime

And the most important part for you: with our porcelain stoneware your pool will always look as beautiful as it did on the first day.

A pool is always a wonderful dream. Do you have yours yet?

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