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How to cut a hole in tiles

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How to cut a hole in tiles

Sometimes you need to make holes in tiles to install some equipment. If this is done incorrectly, you are likely to crack the tile; but with the right tools and solutions, you can cut holes without causing any damage.

How to drill ceramic tiles:

You can use a steel, carbide or diamond drill bit to drill ceramic tiles. Start by marking the center of the hole, then cover the area with duct tape to prevent the drill from slipping.

Be sure to prepare a sprinkler or small container of water before you start. Spraying water both keeps the drill cool and prevents dust from spreading during drilling.

Continue drilling at low speed and medium pressure until you reach the back of the tile. High speed or high pressure may cause the tile to break. If desired, you can use a hand drill to do this. Drill slowly to avoid damaging the material behind the tile.

Making a hole in porcelain tiles:

Porcelain is denser and harder than ceramic, which makes perforating porcelain tiles a bigger challenge than ceramic. For this reason, you must use a diamond drill bit.

Like ceramic tiles, mark the center of the hole, then cover the area with duct tape and constantly spray cold water on the drill bit.

The easiest way to drill a porcelain tile is to use the "Line In" method - drill at an angle until the drill cuts the tile, at which point place the drill perpendicular to the tile. Start slowly and apply just enough force to make the drill work. As with ceramic tiles excessive pressure may break the tile.

How about if you need to make a large hole in your tile...

Sometimes you may have to make larger holes to install radiators and other pipes. To do this, you need a hole saw kit. Ensure the blade you choose fits your drill.

Place the appropriate blade for the hole size you require on your drill and slowly begin drilling. Hold the drill steady to prevent it from slipping on the tile surface. Slowly increase the speed until the drill penetrates the tile glaze, then continue again until the hole is complete.

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